The world’s most famous party island is a point of pilgrimage for anyone into their dance music, thanks to legendary superclubs like Pacha, Amnesia and Privilege that practically defined hedonism in the 90s and 00s – and are still going strong.

Before this party fame, Ibiza was the conjunction of hippies and pageses gave Ibiza a singularity unique in the world. Through the cobbled streets of Ibiza, foreign liberals who promoted the motto “make love, not war” were mixed with the Ibizan women dressed in their typical costumes.

A part of this Louis and I took a flight first time together to Ibiza. We stayed in the old town. There were lots of little restaurants and shops close by!

We met up with some interesting people to take some photos and had a blast! They are so talented and were so kind to offer to take some pics for us! They are some of my favorite photos ever.

Here is a quick list of things recommended to do once in Ibiza:

  • Visit Es Vedra at sunset.

  • Visit Formentera Island by Yatch

  • Walk around the Old Town Ibiza and have dinner.

  • Visit or book at Paradiso Hotel. It has a colorful vibe different to other hotels.

  • Have breakfast at Nobu Hotel.

  • Visit or book a dinner at Terra Massia. Such a funny time we had there!

Thanks to everyone who sent us recommendations! We had the best time!

I am so excited to visit again some day! I am based in Barcelona, so it is a quick flight to Ibiza!


Morocco - Marrakech

Visiting Morocco has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted to ride a camel, see the desert, explore maze-like medinas, and drink tea with Berbers.

Marrakech is a modern mix of Moroccan and international culture with the most diversity of delicious international food (check out PepeNero for Italian and Latitude for a Med-Moroccan mix) and beautiful architecture in the medina. Though Marrakech lacked the grit and edge of the rest of the country, it was the most eclectic city on the trip.

There is a very nice spot near the Medina called Nomad, for me the best food restaurant in Marrakech. With a strong emphasis on fresh local produce and ample variety for vegetarians, pescetarians, and carnivores alike, the lively restaurant serves simple “Modern Moroccan” cuisine.

35 kilometers from Marrakech, in the small rocky desert of Agafay is located the Scarabeo Camp. It is about 45 minutes outside of Marrakech and is located in a rock desert. This means you’ll see rocky hills rather than the smooth sand of the Sahara, so don’t go in expecting sand otherwise you’ll be disappointed. The camp is pretty, there’s no doubt about that. But be prepared: there’s not much to do. So my choices were either reading, sitting alone with my thoughts. 

Scarabeo Camp is a nice way to escape Marrakech. I just wouldn’t stay more than one night, if I were you, since there really isn’t much to do, especially in the heat.

To book your stay at Scarabeo Camp, click here.

Thailand - Phuket



Hi guys, some days ago we arrived on Phuket and I am so in love with this beautiful island! The people, the food, the hotels, the weather – just everything is amazing over here! Today I want to talk about my first days on Phuket and list all my recommendations for our three stops around the island. 

Where to stay?

We stayed at three beautiful hotels - Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa – it’s a super cute hidden accommodation with a modern touch. Everywhere you go you can spot small details – so special!! The hotel offers spa and massage services, super relaxing!! For  breakfast I definitely would recommend to choose their fresh fruit and the amazing apple pudding, so YUMMY!

- The Nai Harn Phuket – it is located in south of Phuket. There is a beautiful private beach near the hotel and also there are small waves so you can surf there! 

- Twinpalms Phuket Resort– the hotel  had beach access and the beach had everything I was looking for: White sand, turquoise water and lots of palm trees. The scenery even got more beautiful during sunset. On our first night at Twinpalms we watched the sunset from the beach and had dinner at their Restaurant over the beach  called Catch Beach Club.

The beaches were beautiful and in the evening we could easily walk to all the shops and restaurants nearby the hotels. During our last evening we were on our way back to our hotel, when we spontaneously decided to watch the sunset at a little rock terrace. I love the last moments before it gets dark, when the color of the sky changes quickly – It’s just magical.

For me Phuket will always be one of my favorite places. xx Teresa





Canary Islands - La Graciosa/Lanzarote/Fuerteventura

The Canary Islands is the perfect location to shoot a beachwear look. The landscapes with the red and white sand, cacti and palm trees and the ocean was unbelievable beautiful and I had to make use of it!:) I teamed up with LSpace and the photographer Louis Fraga to show you my favorites from the latest summer collection in this environment. 

What I love about my pictures here is the spirit that comes from the combination of the strong wind, the flowing look and the breathtaking landscape which surrounded me!

I hope you enjoyed my blogpost- feel free to ask if you have some more questions.

Balearic Islands - Mallorca



So last week we were heading to MALLORCA! We’ve decided to stay in the north (Can Picafort) because we wanted to avoid the typical busy spots. 

There are so many beautiful bays on Mallorca with crystal clear and turquoise water. Unfortunately most of the bays are so crowed in summer (July-September) – so we decided come in low season (October). If you will ever be on Mallorca you just have to visit Cala Llombards – like heaven! Super cool: there are many cliffs so we decided to jump into the clear water – no words for this, that feeling was unique!!

We booked our rental car in advance. Definitely the best and easiest way to explore the island.

One of the most beautiful places I ever seen is Fornalutx among the most beautiful villages in Spain. Fornalutx (West Mallorca) has been chosen because of its honey-coloured buildings and cobblestoned streets, rich traditions and culture carefully kept by its inhabitants, and stunning landscapes of rolling hills dotted with orange and lemon trees that surround the village and give the town a sweet fragrance.

We had an unforgettable and amazing time one Mallorca. For all who don’t want to come just for parties I would recommend to explore the Island during May-June or October. The beaches will be abandoned and quiet. I hope you enjoyed the blogpost and I could help with some of my tips.