Static Swimwear Stonedclub



Client: Static Swimwear

What we did: Lifestyle Photography / Film / Art Direction

Static Swimwear is a women's swim label designed and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

The Static mission is to provide women with a curated assortment of affordable pieces that feel and like a luxury brand. Each suit is designed and manufactured locally; each style is affectionately named after an iconic part of the city.-


Based in Los Angeles, Static's signature look is a nude ribbed fabric, that's soft to the  touch. The label's attention to retail focuses on finding the best meterías and designing the product to ensure it fits like it was made for you, making certain that Static will be each coustomer's favorite go-to swimwear piece no matter the occasion.

Founded in Spring 2015 by Andrea Bottiani and Sibel Pistar, Bottiani recalls growing up in a small city in Southern California surrounded by surfers and spending her whole childhood on the beach. Her love for swimwear came at an early age. East Coast turned West Coaster, Pistar found inspiration by the minimalistic and carefree mentality of the Southern California woman.